3 Compelling Reasons to Use Video Not Audio [It’s Not What You Think]

Two goals I set this year were to start podcasting and to ramp up my video strategy.

A few months ago I finally got my new podcast for team leaders and busy managers up and running. It had been in the idea stage for what seems like forever and I kicked myself in the butt and got it going with guidance from the Smart Podcasting Skills course (excellent training BTW!). It’s been really fun and I’m slowly growing my audience there.

But I wish I’d waited.

Yea, really.

Watch the video below and you’ll see why. Pay close attention to tip #2.


Yep. I could have done them together — and killed two birds with one stone. Duh.

Well, I’m moving forward nonetheless.

Right after I launched my podcast, I found some really amazing video training to help me with my video goal (see my review here of Video Traffic Academy 2.0).

And I also launched a weekly video show for small business owners (subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll be the first to know!).

But this video should give you food for thought. If you are going to go with video anyway, you may just decide to use that audio for a podcast too. Decisions, decisions!

What do you think?