Always Done It This Way Means You Have A Cash Flow Leak

Sacred cows take a long time to die.

We get comfortable in the way we do things and lose sight of how they could be improved.

Here’s an interesting story.

A woman was in the process of fixing her special holiday ham. She cleaned it and then took a huge knife, lopped off both ends of the ham and placed it in a pan. Her daughter, who was learning how to cook asked, “Now Mom, why did you do that?”

“Because that’s how your grandmother taught me,” was her answer. “Let’s ask her.” So they did. Her answer was the same. Her mother taught her that way. Being a lucky family, great grandma was still with them so they asked her.

Her answer? “I always cut off the ends of the ham so it would fit in the pan.”

Oops. Just think of all the pork they wasted over the years doing it great grandma’s way. Just because great grandma didn’t have a big enough pan.

Do you have any hams in your small business? They’re probably costing you a bunch of money. At least once a year you should be reviewing your business processes to make sure they are being completed in the most efficient way for your business.

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