Yes, Email Can Really (Still!) Help You Grow Your Small Business


The economy seems to be picking up for most small businesses. I hope that means your business is doing well. I don't know how much you pay attention to connecting with your customers using email, but if you aren't you are missing a really good opportunity to build a long lasting relationship and to grow your business. Email has been a mainstay for a long time now and is still one of the best ways to connect to those who know and love what you have to offer. But there are plenty of … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Mistakes Undermine Efforts to Connect


Email marketing is still a viable way to reach your customers. But it's important to use some common sense to make sure that customer who trusted you enough to give your their email, stays a trusting customer. In a split second, you can lose your credibility and in turn, the customer. Here are just a couple of examples that landed in my email box this week. 1. Email is sent to you, but is personalized for someone else. Mail from Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet has been landing in my email box … [Read more...]

Why You Should Segment Your Email Marketing List


I've been seeing the commercials on TV about controlling your car using your smartphone via an app and thought it was really cool. I'm an iPhone lover plus I have OnStar in my car so I thought it would be really cool (and helpful!) to have that flexibility. So I was really thrilled when I got an email from OnStar hyping a bunch of new options. Sadly, all I ended up with was disappointment -- along with a bunch of other OnStar customers. When I clicked through on the email, it took me … [Read more...]

Use Offline Marketing to Increase Your Email List


Believe it or not, all of your customers don't live in the online world. Studies show that most people now have an email address, but may not necessarily spend a lot of time online. … [Read more...]

Email Marketing From Your Favorite Cookies — Keebler Nails It

Keebler Email Marketing Back

What a surprise we found recently in our favorite batch of Keebler cookies. When we opened the package, we discovered a trifold note enclosed which included a personal note for all cookie lovers. I was impressed that Keebler made such a smart move to get the people who love their cookies to join their email list. Smart marketing indeed. Below is the outside of the trifold note. Notice that it invites the reader to get "Treemail" messages (cute, huh?) by visiting the Keebler … [Read more...]

Your Small Business Could Learn Internet Marketing From The Big Brands


Whether your business is totally online, part brick and mortar / part online, or totally brick and mortar, you could benefit from watching what some of the big brands are doing. And your business is much more nimble than they are so you can respond faster to changing trends. But it takes action to do it. Are you taking the right actions to make the most of internet marketing for your business? … [Read more...]

Test Your Marketing Message Before Sending To Everyone

Please enjoy this guest post by Wendy Lowe of Campaigner. When small businesses are preparing to do email outreach to a list of customers and prospects, often it is very hard to decide what to highlight in the content. Is the special offer you have crafted really going to appeal to your customers? Does a new email template perform better than your existing layout? With all the options available, it’s often tough to determine ahead of time which one will deliver the best response. There’s … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Improving Your Email Campaign Results

email marketing

Please enjoy this guest post from Simon Grabowski the founder of GetResponse. Everyone’s talking about “engagement” these days. And rightly so. According to our own recent study, less than 1 out of 3 US recipients opened marketing emails. In Europe, the rate was just above 40%. So what’s going on? … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Improve Your Online Visibility

Magnify your visibility

Please enjoy this guest post from my colleague Stephanie Chandler. A small business owner's work is never done, is it? That goes triple for your online marketing. Since the interwebs is always growing and changing, your online marketing should too. 1. Tune-up Your Website Copy You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of visitors to your website. They will quickly scan the page, and if they can’t locate what they are looking for, they move on just as quickly as they arrived. Due … [Read more...]

Don’t Create Boring Newsletter Subjects If You Want Your Email Opened

I know I've talked about this subject before, but it bears repeating. Your email newsletter competes for eyeballs from your readers. Unless you have a readership sitting at their computers waiting for just the right email from you, you have only a few seconds to get their attention before they hit the delete key. … [Read more...]

No Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email Marketing

Is email marketing dead? That's what some people think. I disagree. There are still plenty of small business owners connecting via email with prospects and customers every single day. I know my inbox fills up faster than it used to. How about yours? Granted it's gotten harder and harder to get through to the inbox, but that doesn't mean the email marketing channel is dead. I still subscribe to plenty of email newsletters. I bet you do too. I'd love to send you my weekly email … [Read more...]