Five Web Based Tools That Can Improve Your Social Media Efforts

Please enjoy this guest post from Jessica Oakley.HootSuite: Social Media Tools for Business

The benefits of social media are undeniable for organizations both large and small. Rewards include increased trust, relationship building, and heightened consumer awareness. There are a number of tools that I have come across that have helped me enhance the effectiveness of my social media efforts. It is tough to keep track of the various social media dashboards because they are constantly acquiring their competitors. Five of the most helpful social media tools available today include Hootsuite, Crowdbooster, Wildfire, Rowfeeder, and Follwerwonk. Each of these dashboards offers a similar combination of analytics and social media tools.

1. Hootsuite
Hootsuite Social Media Management has an attractive and easy user interface that provides tools to manage and measure your social media efforts. Hoo’s using Hootsuite? Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Verizon, PepsiCo, and Lamborghini all use Hootsuite. This tool allows you to manage multiple social profiles, schedule tweets and messages, follow brand mentions, and analyze the traffic of social media. With over 4 million satisfied users, this tool is a sure fire way to measure campaign results and track conversations.

(Denise here: Hootesuite is my tool of choice. It allows me to see and interact with all of my networks at once. The fact that it’s web based means I can access it anywhere and that’s a big plus for me. You can get a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro here.

Watch the one minute video below to learn how you can leverage your social media networks with Hootsuite.

2. Crowdbooster
Crowdbooster is highly successful in assisting clients like myslef in creating engaging, authentic experiences with relevant customers. Crowdbooster doesn’t take shortcuts in social media and rather guides you in an un-daunting manner through the steps of building a connection with consumers and creating actionable information. Crowdbooster provides you with analytics that are connected to your social media and business strategies. Ultimately, you can expect to develop genuine one-on-one relationships with current and potential customers.

3. Wildfire
Wildfire’s marketing strategy is to enable brands to monetize, engage, and grow their social media audience. Wildefire Suite 2.0 software includes an integrated social marketing suite, management and control of multiple social network profiles, analytical tools, and exceptional support. You can choose from two plans and a number of promotional offers depending on the depth of your social media efforts.

4. Followerwonk
I highly recommend Followerwonk, for businesses involved in Twitter. With Followerwonk, you can grow and explore your Twitter social graph. The features of Followerwonk allow you to dig deep into Twitter analytics to identify who your followers are, where they are located, and when they tweet. The easy-to-read graphs make it possible to compare followers of 2-3 users and identify overlaps and new audiences. Users can also find and connect new consumers through Followerwonk.

5. Row Feeder
There has recently been a lot of talk on TechCrunch, TNW, and Mashable about Rowfeeder by Simply Measured. Row Feeder’s slogan “social media monitoring and analysis made easy” couldn’t hit the nail on the head any harder. Reports provided in Excel efficiently analyze hashtags, keywords, and usernames and offer feedback that is easy to understand. Another great benefit of Row Feeder is that they provide freebies. Row Feeder gives customers the opportunity to sample a free report that analyzes any brand page of your preference. I strongly urge you to take a tour of the site and/or request a demo.

This is a guest post from Jessica Oakley, a marketing specialist with, where she focuses on all areas of SEM. In her spare time Jessica enjoys blogging and fashion.

Don’t forget to check out Hootesuite! I love it. It allows me to see and interact with all of my networks at once. The fact that it’s web based means I can access it anywhere and that’s a big plus for me. You can get a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro here.