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Absolutely Nothing Will Happen In Your Small Business Until You Take Action...

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You may not think so now, but you can realize your small business dream. It takes planning and action. Many small business owners skip the planning step because they are too busy taking action.

But it’s the wrong action.

Working on yesterday’s problems, not tomorrow’s dream. If you take one hour a week to sit down and formulate a plan of action for your business, then take the steps you identify, you can and will reach the success you seek.

Small Business Tips

Take some time to browse around — read and implement the tips I’ve included here. Here are some sample tips to get you started:

Customer Trust In 7 Easy Steps (Video)

Trust is a huge thing in business. Mainly because people do business with people, not companies. Click here to learn 7 critical steps to getting — and keeping — your customer’s trust.

8 No Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business

Are you trying to promote your business with a tiny marketing budget? Opportunities are plentiful for low or no cost marketing. Click here to learn the eight ways you can get started today.

The Best Ways To Promote Your Online Store

So you took the leap and started your online store. But, oops, there are no customers and your store is lost in the crowd. All is not lost. You just need to be very creative in how you market your site. Click here to learn a bunch of creative ways you can  market your site.

Kick Start Your Business With A 5 Day Action Plan

To make changes in your business and stay on track — so you are doing the right thing to reach your goals — rather than just being busy, you need an action plan. Click here to learn how to create one in five days (or less!) and then be kicking it in gear creating success for your business. 

3 Easy Tips For Better Business Referrals (Video)

When it comes to finding a product or service to help us out, most of us tap into our friends and colleagues to find out who they know. Which means it’s critically important that people know you, your business, and what you do. Click here to learn the three simple steps you need to take to get better business referrals today.

Business Networking The "Right Way" Will Grow Your Business Quicker (Video)

Do your palms get sweaty and does your stomach start to churn at the thought of attending a face-to-face business networking function or meetup? You’re not alone. More people than not get nervous when it comes to meeting strangers in this type of setting. Click here to learn the top secret to networking successfully.

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Small Business Tools

You Gotta Be On Video (Video Traffic Academy 2.0 Review)

This training is amazing! Do you have a good video strategy? Your answer to that is probably no. Well, you’re not alone. A lot of small business owners have yet to get on the video band wagon. If your clients and prospects own a smartphone you can bet video would work for your business. I created a quick five minute review of the course for you. Click here to learn how easy it is to add video to your marketing strategy. (I love it!)

Box Shot King – Very Cool Cloud Graphics Software Review

Do you struggle with creating graphics for your products? Or just spend an arm and a leg and pay someone else to do it? I’m in both of these camps. So a lot of small business owners and solopros will spring for Adobe Photoshop (ouch! over $600), or use Gimp, the free alternative (huge learning curve). But no more. Click here to learn about a better, easy solution (you could be making graphics in minutes!). 

Five Web Based Tools That Can Improve Your Social Media Efforts

The benefits of social media are undeniable for organizations both large and small. Rewards include increased trust, relationship building, and heightened consumer awareness. There are a number of tools that I have come across that have helped me enhance the effectiveness of my social media efforts. Click here to learn about my favorite tool and others to help you manage the overwhelm.

Surprise! Ring Central Goodies (and Cloud Phone Service Review)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ring Central cloud based business phone service. I’ve been a customer since 2007 and changing to this service was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. It saves me money and provides amazing versatility. RingCentral is the perfect small business phone system. Click here to find out the cool things they sent me and how a cloud phone service can help your business.

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Small Business Cash Flow

How To Pick The Right Accountant For Your Business

Picking the right accountant for your small business is similar to choosing the right doctor for your health care. You want someone who is skilled and qualified. Depending on your business, you may or may not need an accountant that is certified as a CPA — most small businesses don’t. Click here to see the step-by-step process for choosing just the right accountant for your business.

Cash Flow Management: You Can’t Afford To Be A Bank To Your Customers

No small business can afford to be a bank, yet many of you extend credit each and every day to clients who want to pay Net 30 or more. If you simply must do business this way, take the time to learn about collecting and creditors’ rights before the unpaid bills start piling up. Click here to learn the secrets to collecting what's due.

Selling On Credit Is Risky Business

How many times have you heard me say your small business is not a bank? Plenty I’m sure. And although I encourage you not to sell to your customers on credit, I’m a realist and do understand it’s a must for many small business owners. … the risks associated with selling on credit can be greatly reduced if the proper steps are followed. Click here to learn the 6 steps to reducing your risk when selling on credit.

10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Tax Season

Tax season can be gruesome if you are constantly stressed out while trying to get all of your financial information together for the IRS. It doesn't have to be this way and can actually go quite smoothly. Instead of waiting until midnight on April 15th to finally file your taxes, here are a few tips to prepare in advance and reduce the stress during tax season. Click here to learn 10 "must dos" so you are prepared to tackle tax season stress free.

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