Kick Start Your Business With a Five Day Action Plan

Create your 5 day action plan for success!To make changes in your business and stay on track — so you are doing the right thing to reach your goals — rather than just being busy, you need an action plan. You can create one in five days (or less!) and then be kicking it in gear creating success for your business. Here’s how.

1. Where Are We Now?

You’ll want to take a look at what has happened to date and who your company has been serving before you move ahead. You can find the details for Strategic Action Plan Step 1 here.

2. What Didn’t Work So Well and Why?

You don’t want to continue doing things that aren’t working well for your business, so you need to take a look at what those are and remove the barriers to success. You can find the details for Strategic Action Plan Step 2 here.

3. Where Do We Want To Be?

You need to define what your future looks like so you can take the right steps to reach it. You should also define who might be competing for your piece of the business pie. You can find the details for Strategic Action Plan Setp 3 here.

4. What Are Your Goals?

You’re actually going to turn your good work into something that will be a road map for you to follow to achieve those things you’ve only been dreaming about. This is a really cool step where you’ll see the pieces come together. You can find the details for Strategic Action Plan Step 4 here.

5. Create Your Road Map for Success

It’s much easier to achieve success if you have the steps broken down into bite-sized pieces. Now you’ll define just what action you will take to ultimately reach your goals. You can find the details for Strategic Action Plan Step 5 here.

So there you go! Simply take five days to create your action plan and you’ll be ready to go. If you run into stumbling blocks or have a question, just leave me a comment and I’ll get right back to you.

For more help, watch my quick three minute video on How to Write an Action Plan here.

Creating an action plan doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this process. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you.

About Denise O'Berry

A Message From Small Business Expert Denise O'Berry -- It's no coincidence that my initials are DO. I've been helping small business owners DO things to be successful since 1996. You can be successful too. The best way to have a sustainable business is to take action. Start now by implementing this small business tip in your business. Connect with me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube


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