3 Easy Ways To use Scarcity Marketing The Right Way

3 Easy Ways To Use Scarcity Marketing (Without Killing Your Credibility)

I’ve yet to meet a small business owner who hasn’t been sucked into buying something because they were afraid of missing out.

Whether they were motivated by a timer ticking down the minutes, a deadline quickly approaching, or a limited number racing toward zero, scarcity marketing is a tactic that works.

And it works on all of us because of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

Scarcity marketing is a good tactic to use to increase sales of your products or services, but if you do it wrong it can kill your credibility and your business.

I’ve been duped by false scarcity a couple of times. 🙁

And each time I called foul on the business and then took my business elsewhere.

It’s funny how those companies responded. One was very apologetic and immediately refunded my money. I never heard from the other one. I hope it’s because they were majorly embarrassed.

I don’t want you to be embarrassed or put your business in jeopardy so this week’s tip is a must watch. It’s a bit longer than normal, but well worth it.

Scarcity marketing works on all of us because of our Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Click To Tweet

Take a quick 5 minutes to watch the video and learn 3 easy ways to use scarcity marketing the right way in your small business. 

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