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Got A Headache From
Willing Words To Come?

Never run out of blog topic ideas again with these 75 rock solid "action" strategies.

Did you buy into the hype that you must have a blog for your business? Yep. I did too. And it’s a good step to take for your business — so you can get found online. But creating content can sure be a problem. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and you can bet I’ve had my dry spells.

That happens to a lot of small business owners when they decide to create regular content by adding a blog to their web site. Things move along really great for a while (a few days, a few weeks, or a few months) and then it dies.

The Web Is Littered With Abandoned Blogs Whose Owners Gave Up Because They Ran Out Of Ideas

That’s not a good thing.

You want to make sure you’re prepared in advance for the day when you run out of ideas. (Trust me, it will happen.)

You can search the web for blog topic ideas until you’re blue in the face, but there’s one small problem with that approach. Having an idea and being able to write about it are two different things. And that’s where most people fall short.

So how do you turn an idea into blog content when there are no words in your head?

Often when we have to write, the stuff just doesn’t want to get out of our heads. So we get stuck and think we don’t have any ideas for blog topics. To that I say hogwash!

You have all sorts of blog topic ideas inside your head. You just need a way to get them out. That’s what Blog About This! Never Run Out of Things to Talk About will help you do.

You’ll learn how to use a 3-Step Process to create a blog entry in five minutes or less. Along with 75 rock solid ideas to keep you busy with blog posts for a long, long time!

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Here's A Tiny Sample Of What You'll Find Inside...

  • Talk about what you’ve already talked about. Pick a topic you’ve gone over before and give it some spin. Try a new angle, like playing devil’s advocate. Try proving your point from the “con” perspective, instead of the “pro” position.
  • Talk about what someone else is talking about. If you want to have a popular blog, find other bloggers in similar areas, and talk about what they said in their posts. Friendly debate can often spark the soap-opera like drama that will have both your audiences visiting both blogs to see what “the other blogger” had to say.
  • Feature someone, something or somewhere. I like to call mine “of the day." As I zip around the webs conducting my business and research, if my attention is called to a resource or tool that my audience might find useful, I hit my Evernote button and save that bad boy for later.
  • Let someone else talk for a change. Invite a guest blogger, or post an article that offers free reprint rights, the same way you would in a newsletter. Guest blogging is really hot these days and you can take advantage of that.

It's Easy To Make Mistakes When You Don't Have Help From Someone Who's "Been There Done That"

When you get stuck for a topic, you’ll be able to pull out this guide and use it over and over to get great ideas. Most of these topics are specific enough to create a post from, yet general enough to apply to most blogs.

  • The first section provides mostly unstructured blog topics – I’ll steer you in the right direction with the ideas I have disbursed throughout the section, as well as the rest of the guide.
  • The second section is a mini-writing exercise that prompts you for information specific to your blog. They're exercises that, when completed, will supply you with enough material for a post of a few paragraphs.
  • The third section gives you several tips to pull specific types of topics out of your brain that you can custom tailor to your own blog theme, often in a pre-structured format that we’ll discuss.

Plus I've included a bonus guide on how to use 7 popular places on the web (that you probably already visit every day!) to come up with a blog topic idea in minutes. Along with a special bonus section of resources to help you be successful. Grab a copy of the Blog Topic Ideas! Action Guide today, and start building a better business tomorrow. Order now and it will be delivered to you in the next few minutes — no matter what time or day it is.

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There's Nothing Worse Than Sitting And Staring At A Blank Screen And Willing Words To Come

And the longer you sit and stare, the harder it gets. Well, this action guide is your answer. It includes a wealth of fabulous, no nonsense, practical ideas for you to use. And the best part is that the tactics are timeless. They'll never go out of style! You can use these ideas over and over again to generate traffic for your blog. I’ve used these same techniques for many years to create content for many of my writing projects. Get your copy today so you’ll know the secrets too.

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My guarantee is simple. If you’re not happy with the action guide, I’ll refund your fee within 10 days of your purchase — no questions asked. I want you to be thrilled.

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P.S. Blog About This! is loaded with great ideas to help keep you busy with blog content for a long time. Sleep easier tonight by making sure you have plenty of blog topic ideas to give your blog (and your business!) a long life. Get your copy today!


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