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Box Shot King – Very Cool Cloud Graphics Software Review

Do you struggle with creating graphics for your products? Or just spend an arm and a leg and pay someone else to do it? I’m in both of these camps. Sometimes I’ll give it a shot myself, but I typically end up having someone else do it.

That can get a bit frustrating and expensive.

Adobe Photoshop (ouch! over $600), or use Gimp, the free alternative (huge learning curve).

But no more. Now there’s a better, easy solution.

A friend of mine told me about Box Shot King, a new online graphic creation software.

I went nosing around to find out about it and ended up watching an hour long video (which I NEVER do — until now!). I was so thrilled when I saw this software for the first time. I loved it so much I became an affiliate for it. I could not believe it was as simple as the video demonstrated.

But it really is.

You can literally create a cool looking graphic in less than five minutes — and there is no learning curve. Here’s one I created less than 10 minutes after I signed up. Yep. That’s my front page on an iPad.

Here’s a video that shows you just how simple it is. (And it’s only five minutes long!)

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s another thing I really like about this. It’s in the cloud. That means nothing to download. Plus you can use it on any computer — doesn’t matter whether you use a PC or Mac.

And it’s not expensive. It’s priced at $99 a year (more on that later), and I have a coupon you can use to get $30 off. So it will cost you $69 for twelve months. (You might be able to get one graphic for that amount normally!)

Just follow this link to go to the site and enter my coupon code — oberry — when you get there. It will be applied and when you click Buy Now, you’ll only be charged $69.

(Note that if you do purchase, I will make a commission. You will never pay more for a product just because of my affiliation.)

So you might be wondering what’s so great about software you have to pay for every 12 months? Well, what I think is cool about that is since it’s a membership site, the owner (who is a really nice guy — Jack Born) can add new stuff for you to use. I’m good with that. I hope you are too. But you have nothing to lose. With your payment comes a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you decide you don’t like it you can get a refund (but I know you will love it!)

I’ve been playing around with it a bit and wanted to show you how simple it is to make a graphic from scratch. So I made a new eCover and recorded it in the video below. This took less than five minutes. Give it a watch.

If you’re just dying to get in and play with the software, you can click this link (and don’t forget to use my coupon oberry to get $30 off). Or you can watch another quick video below where I take the eCover I just made and modify it. Less than five minutes again — so cool and easy!

Can you see why I love this software so much? I know it can do some amazing stuff and I haven’t even scratched the surface. There are all sorts of options for manipulating the graphics. You’ll see that once you get on the inside.

I do want to tell you about one other thing. Support. Often these type of sites are really lacking in that area, but not this one. Remember when I told you above how nice Jack Born (the owner) was? Well, when I first logged in to my account after my purchase and went to create my first graphic, I got an error. That pesky apostrophe in my name causes so much trouble online. 🙂 So I entered a support request and within 20 minutes had a response and a fix. (I made my purchase at 8:23pm, logged in, had a problem, sent a support ticket and got a response via email at 8:44pm.) Amazing!

Obviously I don’t have anything but praise to say about this new graphics software. If you have the need to create just one graphic (and I know you won’t stop there), you should get a membership.

You can click here to get your membership and don’t forget to use my coupon code — oberry — to save $30

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