Small Business Cash Flow Book by Denise O’Berry

How’s your cash flow? If you’re tired of dealing with the unpredictable ups and downs of cash flow in your business, Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success is the right book for you. Here’s the chapter overview.

In Chapter 1: Understanding Cash Flow – Your Number One Priority cashflowbook

you get a brief overview of the “whys” behind business cash flow problems. It’s really very simple and describes those things you must understand and what you must look at to begin correcting your cash flow issues — now.

Chapter 2: Your Business Partner – The Accountant

delves into selecting an accountant for your business. I was surprised when about half of the small business owners who took my small business survey said they had no accountant. An accountant as the financial expert and partner for a business owner is worth their weight in gold. They can help you take the right actions to grow your business and prevent you from making missteps along the way. But it’s important to take the time to choose correctly.

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I give you a roadmap for making just the right choice.

Once you’ve got the right partner on your team, you need to know a little about what they’ll be sharing with you and how to use financial reports to understand what happens to the money in your business.

In Chapter 3: How Money Works In Your Business

You’ll learn about the most important financial statements and key accounting terms that are critical for your business.

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In Chapter 4: Finding and Keeping Cash In Your Business

I tell you all the nooks and crannies you can explore to see if you’re missing something. When you’ve found all the cash you can inside your business and are still on the short end of the cash flow stick, looking outside is your best option. You’ll learn about different types of financing available.

Having a Cash Flow Budget will be a critical key to your success as you move forward. It will help you decide what projects to take on, when you need to slow down cash outflows and make adjustments to the way you do business.

Sample reviews for Small Business Cash Flow

“This is the tool every small business owner needs to run a business. Small businesses live and die by cash flow, and this practical guide shows you how to maximize your cash so you don’t come up short. And no one explains things more clearly or with specific how-to guidance than Denise O’Berry.”

— Anita Campbell, talk show host and Editor of Small Business Trends

“How refreshing——and useful——to see pricing and marketing set in the context of creating and managing cash flow. This is a book I’ll recommend to new business owners and veterans who suffer from ‘Feast or Famine Syndrome.’ ”

— Marcia Yudkin, author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity

“You can have the greatest plan, product, and service and still fail, if you don’t manage money in and out of your business. Denise O’Berry knows this and in Small Business Cash Flow gives practical, employable advice to get the most out of your business. This is a book all small business owners should read and one I’ll reference often.”

— Jim Logan, B2B Sales & Marketing Coach

Chapter 5: Record Keeping Isn’t Drudge Work, It’s Priceless History

May just become your favorite part of this book. Once you’ve learned how budgeting can be such a useful business resource, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Have you struggled with pricing your products or services? Most small business owners do. Plenty of them severely undercharge too.

In Chapter 6: Charging the Best Price to Keep Your Business Healthy

you’ll learn what goes into setting a price for what you offer in your business and how to make your customers love paying you. It will also help you take a longer look at your customers and what opportunities you have for their lifetime of doing business with you.

Chapter 7: Using Your Hidden Cash Resources To Grow Your Business

Gets into the meat of your business. Sometimes you have to radically change what you do and how you do it to make things work. Process and procedure adjustments can make a big impact. So can having a strategy to make your customers loyal to your business no matter what prices you charge.

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But it’s not a one-time activity. Using different strategies and tactics to cast the widest net will pay the biggest return for you.

In Chapter 8: Marketing – Your Cash Generator

You’ll learn about the various strategies for making the most of your marketing dollars.

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