Could Your Small Business Be The Next Hacking Victim? - Denise O'Berry
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How To Prevent Hacking In Your Small Business (Video)

What if you woke up one day, hopped on over to your website and found it didn’t exist anymore?

Or checked your business bank account and the balance was a big fat zero?

Or discovered all of the customer data (including credit card numbers) had been stolen from your business by a hacking group?

Doesn’t sound pretty, does it?

You might be thinking the bad guys wouldn’t mess with your business — it’s too small. But on that point, you would be wrong.

The real truth is one in five (ack!) small businesses are cybercrime victims every year according to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

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Security threats are on the rise against small businesses.

Take a quick three minutes to watch this video and learn actions you can take to make your business more secure.

Are you worried about your chance of being hacked? Do you have security practices in place in your business that make you feel safe?

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