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Eight No Cost Ways to Market Your Business

Are you trying to promote your business with a tiny marketing budget? Opportunities are plentiful for low or no cost marketing.

Here are a few that won’t cost you a cent.

1. Publish articles about your specialty. “How-to” articles are always welcome. Ensure you include your contact information.

2. Write letters to the editor of publications your target market reads.

3. Get involved in an organization or community project.

4. Build strategic alliances with non-competing businesses and cross-promote each other.

5. Publish a special report. A “super how to” list for your specialty area. Distribute freely. Ensure that your contact information is included.

6. Speak to groups and organizations. Make sure the audience is your target market.

7. Carefully target relationships with media sources.

8. Write newsworthy press releases and distribute to your special contacts.

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And make sure you are targeting your market. Watch this quick three minute video for help.

Get started now. To make sure you’ve followed all the steps, get my free Niche Marketing Process Map below.

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