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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Your Own Publicity

There’s nothing wrong with creating your own publicity plan and taking the action steps to carry it out. But you need to make sure you’re not stumbling along the way. Here are five mistakes to avoid when you implement your plan.

These five points were kindly shared by Drew Gerber, creator of He says, “We’re in the business of telling people what to do – giving them publicity tips and techniques to utilize, which will guide them on their journey toward publicity success. But even more important than advising clients on what to do is teaching them what not to do.”

I think that’s very generous of him. Most people will make mistakes in a do it yourself campaign. Here are his five mistakes to avoid.

1. Pitching Off Topic: This is common sense, or so it would seem, but you’d be surprised how frequently it occurs. You have to know – inside and out – what you are pitching and who you are pitching it to. Don’t pitch your “law of attraction” approach to business performance to a button-down, conservative business journalist.

2. Attachments: Don’t send them! Create an online press kit instead. By embedding the link to it in your emailed pitch, you’ll be making it easier for the journalist to stay organized, giving them more time to focus on you and your pitch.

3. Waiting: If, after reviewing your online press kit, the journalist contacts you, do not wait a week or even a day to respond. Get on it! They’re on a deadline and so are you. Your publicity success depends on a fast response.

4. Your Cell Phone: When it’s time for your interview, make sure you call in on a landline. A dropped call or a bad connection can lead to confusion, wasted time, or worse, for you and the person interviewing you. Good crisp connections are key in achieving the publicity results you desire.

5. Self-Promotion: Take a promotional break. When you’re being interviewed, remember that the interview is your promotion, so let it do its stuff. There’s no need to say, “In my book…” 15 times. Take a backseat to the interview’s power of promotion and enjoy the publicity results.

Those are really great tips. Put them to work in your business today.

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