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Getting Out Of Business Takes Planning and Action

Pete Wakeman and his wife Laura built their business with intention. They began with the end in mind and followed their goals until they sold their successful business a few years back. Their main keys to success were “…hire right, train right and invent systems for our people…”

That’s one of the very reasons why most small business owners don’t have a life left after toiling at their business every day. The majority won’t take the time to determine and document what the systems are that make their business successful and make sure that, as the owner, they aren’t tied up in the middle of each system.

When I talk to small business owners about making sure they aren’t the clog in the system of their business and what action they can take to improve the situation to get the life they seek, most will tell me they don’t have time. Pete and Laura took the time. They decided up front what they wanted from their business personally and professionally. They are living proof that if you plan for it and take action to make those plans happen, you can do it.

What about you? Have you planned for the end of your business? Pick up a copy of my free Action Plan template to help you get it done.

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