How to Manage Email Overwhelm and Stop Distractions

How to Manage Email Overwhelm and Stop Distractions

It’s actually quite comical that we’ve been hearing “email is dead” for several years now.

If email was dead, there wouldn’t be so many people who complain about email overwhelm.

I bet you’ve done that a time or two. I know I have.

The problem isn’t the volume of emails we get, it’s how we manage it. Click To Tweet

Most of us have our email set up so it demands attention — via a beep, number notifier, or some other reminder.

That makes it so we can’t NOT check and see what’s in our inbox.

And that’s just crazy.

The problem is our behavior and how we respond to those notifications.

That what causes email overwhelm.

Yes, it really IS our fault.

But the good news is it’s fixable. Yay!

Take a quick 3 minutes to watch this video and learn two simple tricks that will help you get out of the email overwhelm jungle.

Are you distracted all day long by email? It’s time to take control.

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