Look In The Mirror To Find Barriers To Success

Look In The Mirror To Find Barriers To Success

Look In The Mirror To Find Barriers To SuccessSometimes the biggest obstacle to our success is sitting right under our noses.

That would be us!

Have you thought about whether you are the barrier to success in your business?

According to Mark Goulston, there are eight behaviors we commonly use to sabatoge our efforts at success. He says,” Repetitive behaviors that block your efforts to accomplish your long-term objectives are self-defeating. And, while you’re losing your competitive edge by always meeting challenges in a self-defeating fashion, your competition confronts and masters stressful situations head-on.”

Here are the big eight.

1. Procrastinating
2. Not preparing well enough.
3. Not following through.
4. Not learning from your mistakes.
5. Being competent, but uncharming.
6. Saying yes when you want to say no.
7. Having unrealistic expectations.
8. Getting involved with the wrong people.

I know I’ve been guilty of #7. I have to make sure and check that all the time.

What about you? Are you creating these roadblocks in your business? Leave me a comment and tell me how you’re going to overcome them.

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