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Nextiva Online Fax Service Review – Top Notch Choice for Small Business


I’ve used an online fax service since 2007 and have been totally happy with it. If you’re looking to ditch your fax machine and “go green” with faxes, it  might be worthwhile to take a look at my online fax review.

Recently Nextiva contacted me and asked if I’d take a look at their service. I’m always open to looking at new (to me!) providers on the market so they set me up with a temporary free account that would give me a chance to take their online fax service for a test drive and tell you about it. (Note: You can take a 30 day free trial here.)

I was impressed. Their online dashboard is simple to navigate and easy to understand. I was sending and receiving faxes in minutes. The service is very quick so faxes show up right away.

Nextive fax service allows you to send and receive by email, from the web, or via your cell phone (if you have email access on your phone), and you can fax from any Microsoft application too.

I didn’t have an opportunity to use their support system, but based on the research I did on Nextiva it appears their customer support is top notch, which can be a huge differentiator for an online service provider.

Based on my test drive and what I’ve been able to ferret out, I’d say Nextiva is a top notch choice if you’re moving to an online fax service. And you can’t beat the price. Right now you can get service as low as $6.95 a month if you choose to pay annually. With that option, you’re allowed 500 pages a month (a lot!).

So if you want to be “more green” to help the environment, save time and money in your business, you owe it to yourself to give Nextiva online fax service a try.

Have you used Nextiva online fax? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Note: I liked the service so much I became an affiliate. That means if you choose to sign up with them, I’ll get a commission. That’s how I provide the free resources on this website for you.

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