Old Technology Good For Calendar Management

I’m a pretty early adopter of most new technology. But when it comes to my calendar, give me paper any day.

I like being able to look at one, two or three months at a time for planning purposes and don’t want to have to spend time sorting through a hierarchy of dates to look at what I want to see.

Smart phones have gotten really, well, smart at helping you manage your calendar, but that option just isn’t a part of my toolbox.

So if you’re trying to decide which method is best, remember just one thing.

The key issue for you in planning what needs to be done in your business is to use whatever will work for you.

Whether that’s new technology or the plain old paper stuff, if it’s working use it.

Are you a high tech calendar user or still in the ranks of the low tech? Why?

Update: Okay, I’ll confess. I do now depend on my smart phone calendar for keeping track of appointments, but a paper calendar for long term planning still does the trick for me.