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Online Fax Review – Fax to Email Service

Welcome! Online fax services have come a long way since they were first made available a few years ago. Now there are an abundance of fax to email services to choose from. But the decision isn’t an easy one. And it depends mostly on what your usage needs are. I looked at a bunch of them. The finalists below are the best of the best — and they won’t drain your bank account. Take a look at the options in the table below to find just the right fit for you.

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Send / Receive
via Email
Send / Receive
from Website
Send / Receive
Any File Type
Pages Included
300 free pages monthly
5.9 cents for additional pages
130 Sending
15 cents for additional pages
30 Receiving
30 cents for additional pages
Support Submit Ticket Submit Ticket
Cost $7.99 / mo
Paid Annually
$14.13 / mo
Paid Annually
30 Day
Free Trial
Try it Now!

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All of these services are dependent upon the number of faxes you send and receive. Be careful about who you choose because the wrong choice could mean lots of extra money out of your pocket. They will save you a bunch over a regular fax machine though. I’m a light fax user — don’t get or send many. And even at that, my fax costs, including telephone line were about $560.00 per year. With an online fax service, I’m saving about $500.00! How much will you save? Just click on the fax service banner or name to go to their website to sign up or find out more.

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