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Box Shot King – Very Cool Cloud Graphics Software Review

Do you struggle with creating graphics for your products? Or just spend an arm and a leg and pay someone else to do it? I’m in both of these camps. Sometimes I’ll give it a shot myself, but

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You Could Become A Victim Of Online Credit Card Fraud Like I Did

Yep. It happened. I’ve been buying most of the stuff I own online for at least five years now. I am cautious about who I do business with and where I buy, but I buy something online every week and

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Amazon S3 Not Just for Tech Geeks

I know you’ve heard of, but am not sure you’ve heard of their online — in the clouds — storage service called Amazon S3 (S3 = Simple Storage Service). Originally built

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My New Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Computer Headset Is Awesome!

I am so excited! I have a box full of computer headsets. None of which I like. They are either uncomfortable, or I can’t hear, or people can’t hear me, or, or, or… Until now. I’ve

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Nextiva Online Fax Service Review – Top Notch Choice for Small Business

I’ve used an online fax service since 2007 and have been totally happy with it. If you’re looking to ditch your fax machine and “go green” with faxes, it  might be worthwhile

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