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Publish Your Blog to Kindle for Extra Cash

I love it when emails pop into my email box telling me that cold, hard cash has been deposited into my bank account. 🙂

That’s what happened (again!) today. I had no clue why Amazon Digital Publishing had sent me money, so I started digging to find out where that passive income came from.

Here’s what I discovered. A couple months ago I added this blog and a couple of others to the Kindle Blog store. I’d heard about it from the chatter across the web and decided hey, why not? And then I promptly forgot about it. Until now.

If you publish a blog, you should publish your blog to the Kindle Store. Amazon charges .99 cents a month for most blog subscriptions and does a 70/30 split on the revenue — you get .30 cents a month per subscription.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

>>> Your blog’s RSS feed.

For self hosted WordPress blogs, the feed address is normally

>>> A screen shot of your blog.

People like to see what they are subscribing to, so adding a small picture to your page will go a long way in helping “sell” your subscription to visitors. You might also want to add a masthead (your header) to the description so have that ready too.

>>> Log in (or create an account).

You’ll enter your blog feed, blog title, blog description and keywords to get started along with uploading your screen shot and masthead image files.

>>> Save and publish to the Kindle store.

Once you’re all set, press the publish button. Your blog will need to be approved by Amazon which will take a few days.

That’s it! Do it now and maybe you’ll be surprised with a “you’ve got cash” email real soon.

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