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Are you tired of hearing everyone else say they get all their business from word of mouth referrals while yours are barely a dribble? It's time you stopped hoping for referrals and got the business you deserve!

Business referrals are important for your small business because they provide you with a way to grow your business with less effort. I know how tough it can be to grow a small business because I'm a small business owner too.

And the very best way to increase your business is through word of mouth marketing.

You're probably sick and tired of chasing dead leads that don't produce results -- spending hours at networking functions, eating not-so-great food, listening to dry, boring speakers, and walking away empty handed or with a fistful of business cards that go nowhere.

Or maybe for you it's spending your precious hours "doing the social network thing" on Facebook groups with zero payback.

Sometimes it seems like everyone wants to sell you something, but nobody wants to buy what you have to sell. Sound familiar? Instead of wasting time and money, you should be getting your fair share of referrals from your customers and contacts. Are you?

Way too many small business owners rely on the hope strategy to get referrals.

They do really great work and hope that their current customers and business associates will remember them and send prospects their way.

That's just crazy.

The truth is you're probably missing out on referrals you should be getting because...

You're afraid to ask -- or are asking the wrong way.

Your customers don't think of you.

Your colleagues don't clearly understand who your prospect is.

You don't have a system for generating referrals.

Sadly, the small business owners I talk with who say they get referral business are just wasting their time chasing leads to a dead end. If you're like most business owners, you're so busy wearing all of the hats in your small business, you don't have a lot of time to waste. If you aren't getting the business referrals you deserve from your clients and colleagues, now is the time for change.

Creating a referral system will help you leverage your time and relationships so you can stop hoping someone will send you referrals.

Your system will create a steady stream of referrals that you can convert into customers.

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Target Referrals Training Can Help You Get The Referrals You Deserve

Target Referrals is a six module training program that takes you through the exact steps you need to complete to create a powerful referral marketing system for your business. The training format is at your own pace and includes step by step videos along with action sheets for you to complete with each module.When you complete the training, you'll have the perfect roadmap for easily getting referrals from your referral partners.

Watch the short video below for a complete walk through of the members area.

Module 1

Assess current referral strategy

The objective of your referral program is to improve the quality and quantity of referrals you receive. To know whether that’s working or not, you need to set your benchmark of where you’re at today. You'll use the Current Referrals Inventory and Current Referrals Assessment worksheets to determine how well your current referral process is serving your business.

Module 2

Refine your ideal prospect definition and pain points

You have to know, and be able to help your referrers' visualize, who your prospect is before you can get good referrals for your business. You want them to know one when they see one. First you'll nail down your Ideal Prospect Profile and then define your Ideal Prospect Mix using the step by step worksheets in this section.

Module 3

Vet and qualify great referral partners

We’re going to shift a bit. We’ve been focusing on refining the prospects you want to reach and now you’re going to look at the people who know them so we can marry that up. First you'll identify these people using the Contacts Inventory worksheet and then refine it by selecting your High Potential Referrers and categorizing them.

Module 4

Create referral resources

You’ll develop the resources and guidelines you’ll use to educate and work with your referral partners.You'll be using the Potential Partners Scripts included in the training to develop the discussion topics to use with your referral partners. Then you'll develop the tools to teach your partners how to bring you the perfect referral. You'll use the scripts and templates included to show your partners how to find potential referrals, things they need to listen and watch for, what they'll say to the person to ensure the connection, how they'll make the introduction to you, and more. You'll also clearly define how you'll reward your partners for sending great referrals your way.

Module 5

Define referral processes

It’s important to define and document the steps you'll take to work with your referral partners so you don’t have to remember them and so you don’t miss vital steps in the process. Just like a sales funnel walks your prospects through the process from beginning to end, your referral system steps will follow a path.

Module 6

Prepare for partner discussion

Now you get to put all your hard work into action for your business. You’ll learn what to do to be totally prepared for your meeting with your referral partner and have the most productive discussion possible. And you'll be ready for any situation by using the Partner Planning Sheet and Referral Partner Discussion Template.

Each module walks you step by step through exactly what you need to do. The action sheets enable you to quickly define and develop your referral marketing strategy so you can put it to work in your business.

You can use the fillable forms and complete them right on your computer or if you prefer download them to complete. I’ve included several scripts you can use either as is or modify for working with your referral partners to give you a head start on your referral discussions. These are proven scripts I’ve used in my business and with my clients.

Once you’ve completed all the modules, you’ll have a referral system roadmap, complete with all the processes and tools you need to attract the perfect referrals to your business.

Your investment for the DIY Target Referrals System training is only $197. Click here to get started now.

Plus You'll Get This Great Bonus Absolutely FREE

The two hour long audio Referral Roundtable (with transcript and action tips) featuring bestselling author John Jantsch, top small business marketing expert David Frey and me. We spilled all the best tips in this session. You'll be ready for any referral opportunity that comes your way with this bonus training.

My guarantee for this training is simple. If you decide the training isn’t working for you within 21 days of your purchase, contact my support desk at support@deniseoberry.com, show me you actually did the work (and completed the action sheets), and I’ll promptly issue you a FULL refund.

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So You Might Be Thinking...

Will this training benefit any kind of business?

You bet! Any type of business can set up a referral system to get more business. Think about those companies you’ve done business with in the past. I’m sure you’ve seen referral strategies in action. There are many techniques for implementing a referral system. And the key is to bring more prospects into your sales funnel so you can turn them into business. Whether your business is service based or product based, this system will work for you.

I’m really shy and a bit scared and embarrassed to ask for referrals. How will this system work for me?

One of the things that stops many people from asking for referrals is that they don’t know what to say and don’t have the tools available to help them. In Module 4, I give you scripts to use when asking for referrals and the tools you need to make it easy.

I’m not sure when I’m supposed to ask for referrals. What’s the right time?

That’s going to depend on who you’re asking. In this training, you’ll identify customers and partners who can refer to you. For customers, you would definitely wait until they’ve done business with you. But for partners, that’s not necessarily the case.

You’ll get my partner planning action sheet and discussion template so you’ll be ready to go. And you’ll define your referral process steps so you know what needs to be done when with those connections. You’ll tackle these in Modules 4, 5 and 6.

How do I answer the “I can’t think of anyone" answer after I’ve asked someone if they know anyone who would be a good prospect?

Once you’ve completed Module 2, this won’t be a problem for you at all. You’ll have your ideal referral so clearly defined that your referral partners will be able to easily spot them.

You probably realize by now that you’ve been asking for referrals the wrong way. It would be rare for a potential partner to respond with “I can’t think of anyone” once you have your system set up. Plus you’ll have your ideal prospect so clearly defined they’ll have no problem knowing who your perfect prospect is.

How many new referrals will I get after I take this training?

I can’t guarantee you’ll get a specific number of referrals because it all depends on you doing the work you need to do. But if you do the work and get your system set up and put it to work in your business, you will definitely get a steady stream of new referrals coming into your sales funnel.

How long will the training take to complete? I’m really busy.

That’s entirely up to you. All of the training modules are available to you as soon as you complete your purchase so you can work at your own pace.

If you can dedicate a few hours a day, you can have your complete referral system set up within a week. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to devote to it, you should still be able to get your system set up within a month or so.

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Here's What Others Have To Say

What I truly appreciate is the peace of mind that you allow me. The amount of weight I feel lifted off my shoulders is unimaginable. You are worth every penny. I don't know how I did this without you. ~ Jim Labadie, President, Achieve Total Fitness

I really love having someone like you to support and advise me on my business issues. It's a good feeling to know I'm not alone on my journey to success. ~ Karen Harrington, President, Business Greetings, Inc.

You approached my project as if it were for your own company and went the extra mile. I enjoyed working with a company I know I can trust - one that cares about my business like you do. ~ Michelle Isles, Owner, Living Water

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