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Thought Versus Action: Which is Better?

Please enjoy this guest post from the folks at Babson College.

When talking about entrepreneurship and what makes an entrepreneur successful, thought and action are often the basis of the discussion. With a new formula called CreAction, it’s the combination of the two and how they are used in tandem that is the real crux of an entrepreneur’s success. This success can be applied to all aspects of business and life, even if you’re not an entrepreneur.

So which is better, thought or action? Instead of the word “better,” let’s use the word “driver,” in which case action, not thought, is the real driver behind success. Thought is needed to make decisions regarding strategic action, but without action, nothing will be accomplished.

Here’s an overview of how the CreAction formula works, and how you can apply it today to make your goals a reality—whether that’s starting your own business or finding a new partner:

1. Start with desire, since without it, the odds of something happening are small to none. Find what you really want to do. This takes some thought. But once you have honed in on what you really want to invest your time in, and have the passion behind it, you can take the next steps to make it happen.
2. Act quickly with the means at hand. Meaning, look around you, see what resources you have, whether people in your network, machinery, services, etc. and see what you can use to help achieve your goal.
3. Make your first “smart” step. Using CreAction can help you make decisions when faced with unpredictable circumstances. This is especially relevant for the entrepreneur or most things you haven’t done before. In this case, action always trumps thinking. So, once you know what your resources are, take a step toward finding out a bit more information to bring your idea closer to reality. Maybe that’s finding out what the cost of rent is in the neighborhood you want to live/work in, or finding out how much manufacturing will cost. Whatever it is, just start taking steps that get you closer to achieving your end goal.
4. Pause and reflect. What did you garner from taking that step? What did you learn? How can you apply it? What is the next logical step to take to build upon what you just learned? These are all questions you can ask yourself when making and reflecting on a step. Maybe the step took you in the wrong direction and you need to reassess. Always reflect and see where you are, because with every step, reality changes.
5. Repeat until you have attained your desired goal. By using CreAction, you will act your way into the future you desire. Thinking does not change reality, while acting does, thereby creating new opportunities and paths to reach your end goal.

To learn more about how to act like an entrepreneur, as well as to find out more about how to use this new entrepreneurial formula called CreAction to work for your goals, pick up a copy of Action Trumps Everything.

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