dob-in-circle-transparent-246x246I'm often asked what tools I use in my business. I've been online since 1998, so those tools have changed a lot! It's so cool that technology keeps changing to help small business owners like us. I love all the techno geeks of the world who make our lives easier. 🙂 On this page, you'll find the tools I love. I use (or have used) each of these in my business. Some I've outgrown, but still believe they are stellar solutions for the right small business. Many of the links for these tools use my personal affiliate link which means if you choose to buy, I will make a small commission. You can have faith in the fact that I would never steer you towards a tool just to make money. These are tools I believe in. Good luck!

Blog Marketing Training

Blog Marketing Academy (BMA) is a huge training resource that can help you turn your blog into the business you want it to be. Most bloggers don't make anything from their blog. Considering the amount of time it takes and what a big part of your business it is, that's a sad state of affairs. David Risley (the creator) has developed a roadmap in the Blog Monitization Lab that will help you make your blog what it should be -- a profit producing business asset. I've been a member since 2014 and have improved my results exponentially. Your blog should be working for you too. Click here to take a look at BMA and see if it will work for you.

Email Marketing

Drip is more than an email service provider. It's email marketing automation. Gone are the days when you can add all of your email subscribers to one list and communicate to all of them the same way. You need to be able to segment to build the right relationships so your email marketing turns into sales. Drip can do that for you. And it's amazingly easy. I switched over to them in 2016 and immediately saw a big difference in my results. What's great, is you can get started for FREE! If Drip sounds like it could work for you, click here.

Aweber has been around for what seems like forever. They are an autoresponder and mailing list service provider that help you maintain contact with your prospects and customers. I am no longer their customer, however I was with them from 2008 until I moved over to Ontraport in 2014. They're reliable and have really good support. Plus the service is affordable. They have different payment levels as your business grows and you can get started for $1. Click to see if Aweber is the right solution for you.

PopupAlly is more than one of those irritating popup plugins you see all over the interwebs.  🙂 Known as the "polite" popup, it does way more than display a popup message to your visitors. For getting subscribers on your email list, you can use PopupAlly directly under a blog post, within a blog post, in your sidebar, and across the header of your page -- just to name a few. I've not seen such a versatile tool from anyone. I know that most of us say we hate popups. I do too. But they really do work. And with the variety of ways to add this tool to your site, you'll have plenty of options for collecting your customer's email address. If PopupAlly sounds like it will work for you, click here.

Marketing Graphics

Snappa is an amazing and super simple graphics creator cloud software. In today's image heavy environment, it's critical to have images for everything -- blog posts, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc.  I fell in love with this software right after I tried it out. Yes, seriously! I can create a unique and beautiful graphic for any need in about 5 minutes or less. For someone like me who's not a "graphics person" it's perfect. People love them because they're so professional. And the customer service is top notch. You can get started for FREE! Click here to see if Snappa will work for you.

Box Shot King is a cloud based graphic creator for book covers, iPads, iPhones, video monitors, CD covers and various other media. In just a few minutes, you can make a graphic that looks totally professional using this online tool. I've been using it for a couple of years now and can't believe how much it has helped me with the graphics I need. If you want to see a full review, you can click here. I was so impressed with this tool that I asked the developer for a special coupon code just for you. So click here to take a look at Box Shot King and if you decide to buy, use coupon code oberry to save $30.

Web Hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting service that really "gets it" when it comes to serving solo and micro businesses. The cost is affordable if you're just starting out, and they have options that will grow with you. They're experts in WordPress hosting and have fabulous customer service -- a must in today's virtual world. Whether you are ready to set up a "regular" website or one using the WordPress or Joomla platform, you can bet they'll be right by your side. Click here to check out SiteGround to see if it's the solution for you.

WPengine is a web hosting service focused exclusively on WordPress websites. Before I switched to WPengine, I had been with my web host for 10 years. They were great and I was pleased with their service and support, but they couldn't grow with me where I wanted to go. So I move to WPengine and it's saved me tons of time and money. Since they only host WordPress sites they have amazing expertise and top notch support. I know there are a bunch of web hosts out there that on the surface are cheaper. But in the long run that could cost your business money. Click here to check out WPengine to see if it's the solution for you.

Webinar Marketing Tools

Easy Webinar is a versatile webinar service that works with websites on the WordPress platform. It uses the Google Hangout technology to allow anyone to do live or screencast webinars with unlimited participants. When you compare it to the other options out there, it has a lot more options and is very affordable. One of the really cool things about it is that the customer service is top notch and there is a Facebook group of users who are always willing to help. Webinars are a really good way to grow your business. Highly recommend this. Click here to see if Easy Webinar will work for you.

Meeting Burner is a cloud-based webinar platform that is best used for screencast presentations. It has three levels of service -- free, pro, and premier. Each level allows you to have a certain number of participants. Payment is made on a monthly basis. I have the Pro version which allows me to have online meetings anytime with up to 50 people. I've had this service since 2011 and been very happy with it. They have continued to improve it over time and it's worked very effectively. Haven't had to contact support, but when I've had questions about the service, I've always received a speedy reply. Click here to see if Meeting Burner is right for you.

Customer Support

Rhino Support is an amazing cloud-based support desk that has tons of options to help you serve your customers. And it's very simple to use. It's one click simple and integrates with your email which will save you a bunch of time managing support for your products and services. I've been a customer since 2011 and have been absolutely thrilled with the ease of use and functionality that lets me provide spectacular service yet not spend forever doing it. Click here to take a look at Rhino Support and see if it will work for you.

Accounting / Invoicing

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting system specifically suited for freelancers, solo and micropreneurs. What began as a simple cloud invoicing system has grown to be so much more. I've used it plenty of times for online gigs that are well suited to it's capabilities. You can provide estimates (and turn them into invoices instantly!), track your time, generate easy invoices and collect payments. It's a perfect time saver (especially if you hate these tasks) 🙂 If you've been dragging your feet to get these tasks done, FreshBooks could be the solution for you. Click here to give FreshBooks a try today.

Video Training

Learn Camtasia is a comprehensive training course on the video editing tool Camtasia. Hosts Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen have been using it for years and do a fabulous job breaking things down to get you out of learning "overwhelm" that is so common with this tool. You can take a look at my video testimonial here. If you have this tool and are a bit lost or would like to learn much more than the basics, click here to see if the Learn Camtasia training would work for you.