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Do You Need A New Year To Stay Motivated?

A new year is such a hopeful time. I always get tons of positive energy from small business owners around the globe.

Not a negative person in the lot.

They are saying things like “This is my year!” and “I know it’s going to be a good one!” and “We’re over the hump now, this year rocks!”

And that enthusiasm lasts about a month (maybe).

What about you? What are you saying? And are you saying the same thing you were when we turned the corner on the new year?

I bet you are. If you set some goals for this year, you have probably already made some progress.

Taking action on the right things in your business is what will move it forward.

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The key is keeping those important items front and center so you can bounce your daily actions against them to make sure you are on track no matter what day of the year it is.

One thing that helps me is to group my goals into themes. I typically establish three themes for the year which helps me focus. My themes for this year are:

>> Simplify

In this 24 hour, a thousand things coming at you at a time world (not to mention the fact that as small business owners we get way too many ideas!), it is easy to get overwhelmed. So I’ve adopted this theme to remind me that the actions I take shouldn’t over complicate my life.

>> Grow

This year is targeted for growth. Does that mean I’m going to be cranking out a bunch of products to bring in a new load of cash? Nope. It means I’m going to leverage what I already have at hand and make the most of it. I’ve also placed an emphasis on personal growth. I learn new things every day. I want that to continue.

>> Mentor

I’ve been sharing my tips and tools with small business owners since 1996 and I want to do more. So my mentoring goal is wrapped up in this website. I’ve made a commitment to share more of what I know so I can mentor you and other small business owners on your path to success. And get you to where you want to go.

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