When Naming Your Small Business, Don’t Go Trendy

When Naming Your Small Business, Don’t Go Trendy (Video)

Once you’ve decided to open your own business, you have to go through what some people consider the agony of naming your business.

Plenty of people go the easy route and just use their name or initials.

But some go in the other direction by picking a name that’s made up of a gobblygook of letters or words that don’t mean a thing. That’s the trend.

You’re better off going a totally different direction. Not too easy, not too trendy.

In the long run, it can bring you more prospects into your business.

Take a quick 3 minutes to learn an easy 3-step process you can use that will hit the mark with your prospects.

Did you struggle when you came up with your business name? Have you thought twice about your decision?

I’d love to help you sort out naming your business or helping you find just the “right” web domain name. Just click here and we’ll do it!

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