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Why You Should Segment Your Email Marketing List

I’ve been seeing the commercials on TV about controlling your car using your smartphone via an app and thought it was really cool.

I’m an iPhone lover plus I have OnStar in my car so I thought it would be really cool (and helpful!) to have that flexibility.

So I was really thrilled when I got an email from OnStar hyping a bunch of new options.

Sadly, all I ended up with was disappointment — along with a bunch of other OnStar customers.

When I clicked through on the email, it took me to OnStar’s Facebook page where it played the video below featuring the neat new features.

But when I looked at their Facebook wall, I saw the real truth.

You can see it too if you look below the video.

Here’s a screen grab from their Facebook page. There are many unhappy customers because this new app only works with 2011 models. (Sorry for the blur!) They would have been much better off if they had segmented their email marketing list and only sent it to people who have new cars.

Email Marketing List - Onstar

You should segment your email list too. It will help you serve the right customer at the right time with the right solution. If you’re not sure how to leverage your email, you should get my free email course.

Don’t forget to hop on over and sign up for my free email course here. What do you think about the benefits of segmenting your list?

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